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Supporting International Retail Company with Multi-Million Pound Investment

bespoke - April 28, 2023

One of Bespoke’s clients, a large international retail company, were struggling with general distribution and inventory issues, and needed investment to help alleviate them. 

However, our experts advised the client that funding retail ventures is notoriously difficult, and that there were alternative avenues they could pursue. The client was understandably reluctant to take any chances.

The Bespoke team worked closely with the client over a period of time, helping them through key financing stages. We provided personal advice and support until the final deal was made. 


The Challenge

Cash flow was tight due to the global climate – the COVID-19 pandemic was in full swing, and many businesses across the world were tightening their belts. 

When the client first approached Bespoke in 2021, they were looking to source business investments of around £2m. 

Our specialists worked closely with the client, running through their options and advising them that accessing these funds as a retail business would likely be difficult. 

We put together a creative solution to alleviate cash flow worries in the short term, and put a plan in action ready to help the client with long-term funding once they were ready. 


The Solution

As short-term, rapid financing was required, we decided to leverage our existing stock facility, ensuring the client had immediate access to the funds they required.

From there, we recommended using our wide network to find individuals who believed in their business, and who were ready to immediately invest.

This came in the form of private investors, ones who could facilitate the deal through private equity funding. Bespoke have great relationships with many private investors, which allowed us to find the perfect people who were ready and willing to support the client. 

Bespoke were committed throughout the 18-month process, keeping the client in the loop and ensuring that every party involved was informed at every stage. 


The Results

Bespoke managed to source multi-million pound investments for the client, exactly what they needed to boost their growth.

Since partnering with Bespoke, the retail company is in a significantly stronger financial position, safe in the knowledge that their financial needs are met, and they have tailored advice at hand, any time they need it. 

Have you got a financing problem you’re looking to solve? At Bespoke, we believe in doing things differently. 

Traditional finance brokers are quick to sell you what works for them, but slower to understand what you really need to grow and flourish. 

Bespoke is different, with a wider network reach and guaranteed best market rates, we bring you straight-talking solutions, decisions in hours and a commitment to always put your business before ours. 

A broker, but cheaper, faster, fairer and clearer.

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