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Asset Finance

Asset Finance

Asset finance, facilitated by an experienced asset finance broker, offers a practical solution for businesses looking to acquire essential equipment without the immediate financial burden of full upfront payment. This method of asset based finance ensures that the initial investment is more manageable, lessening the impact on your cash flow and enabling your business to thrive.

Bespoke Commercial Finance, as a dedicated commercial finance broker, specialises in a variety of asset finance options including hire purchase and leasing. These financial arrangements allow you to distribute the cost of your investment into predictable monthly payments, making it easier to budget and plan for the future. The specific terms of your finance agreement depend on the chosen asset finance option and the amount you intend to borrow.

Understanding the necessity for businesses to invest in assets for growth and success, asset finance becomes a viable option whether it’s for machinery, vehicles, or the latest computer systems and software. The high costs associated with these purchases can restrict cash flow and affect your operational capacity, especially when funds are not readily available.

Why Asset Finance?

Asset finance is an excellent strategy for acquiring capital assets, as the assets themselves serve as collateral for the financing. This type of finance is not only quick to arrange but also aligns the cost with the anticipated lifespan of the assets, ensuring that you can budget effectively for regular repayments and safeguard your cash flow.

Once you have engaged an asset finance broker and reached an agreement, the process of purchasing your desired assets can begin. Following the acquisition, you’ll commence monthly repayments to your lender, covering the total cost of the asset plus any accrued interest and fees, while the asset serves as security for the duration of the finance agreement.

Asset finance is particularly suitable for businesses in need of new equipment to foster growth, initiate operations, or upgrade existing assets. Through strategic asset based finance solutions, Bespoke Commercial Finance supports your business objectives by providing the necessary tools to advance and succeed without compromising financial stability.


You will be able to negotiate fixed payments with your lender which can help you plan your business budgets to manage liabilities and grow as required. Your lender will also take the asset as security so there will generally be no charge over your home providing you with peace of mind.

The ability to obtain the latest equipment

Asset finance allows you to purchase goods which you may not otherwise be able to afford. Having the latest equipment can promote sales or allow you to keep pace with technology. All this can make your business more efficient, reliable, and productive by meeting delivery dates, achieving better margins, and becoming more competitive.


You will be able to pay off your finance agreement over a number of months or years within the anticipated lifespan of the asset. It is quick and simple to set up your facility so you can focus on running your business.

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    What our clients say

    “I have worked with Bespoke for several years now and have built up a very trusting relationship with the team. They’re always professional, deal with customers very fairly and ensure they’re offered the most effective solutions to meet their needs. I have no reservations in dealing with Bespoke and their abilities to provide suitable solutions for customers.

    — Scott Campbell

    Head of Barclays Business Sales

    I have recommended Bespoke’s services to a number of our clients, both that have existing factoring facilities and also to clients who are looking at their financing options. The service provided has always been exceptional and the feedback from these clients has been nothing but praise. I would therefore highly recommend the Bespoke team.

    — Tim Pearce

    Managing Partner, Haines Watts

    We contacted Bespoke as we were looking for an invoice finance facility to support the business due to our fast growth. They didn’t disappoint! They gave us first-class advice and support and within a week had provided us with a choice of competitive funding options. Bespoke worked with us through the decision process and helped us secure a finance facility which was ideal for our business and offers the flexibility for future growth. A-first class service throughout.

    — Paul Davison

    Director, Nutraformis

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