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Funding Adecyn Properties Ltd.’s new office space through a bridging loan

bespoke - October 19, 2022

Adecyn Properties Ltd is a flourishing, family-run property development company. Their success and potential for growth meant they required a new office space to accommodate their expanding operations.

Bespoke are proud to have been in partnership with Adecyn for 12 months and have cemented a fantastic working relationship. Not only are we able to provide them with a great service for their business, but they also trust us to source personal mortgages for individuals in the business.

The challenge they faced

Adecyn approached our team at Bespoke to help them source the crucial funding they needed to purchase a new office space.

Initially, they struggled to find the exact location to set up their operation, not settling until they found the ideal property for their expansion. This presented a challenge for us, as we had to finance an unspecified office space.

Our Bespoke solution

We were able to provide them with a £500k bridging loan to purchase a new office. Alongside this, Adecyn also requested help with the deposit, and through our established network of lenders, we managed to secure a business recovery loan of 200k.

Our passionate team were able to achieve a seamless financing solution, so in the end, all Adecyn had to worry about was finding the space that was right for them.

How Adecyn benefitted from our partnership

Bespoke’s expertise and resources meant that Adecyn had the access to the funds they needed to expand its operation, without impacting their cash flow; they had all the funds they required with none of the stress!

“Bespoke Commercial Finance were a huge help in sourcing the finance we required. They got us the funds we needed to purchase our new offices, helping us to grow. We can’t recommend them enough!”

Adecyn Properties LTD.

We look forward to working with Adecyn Property Ltd again, as we’ve partnered with them on some exciting up-and-coming development projects for farming and agriculture sites based in the Midlands.

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